During a fellow ship at Goethe Backstory Beirut I would like to deepen my research & script (preproduction process and research) concerning my new project „coast to coast“ (working title) and realize first parts of it during the period of the fellowship. The project which I have in mind grows slowly but constantly in my mind and should focus on vulnerable ecosystems. The mediterranean area focused on the coast cities like Beirut, and a City like Hamburg near the coast line of the


Vanessa Nica Mueller
Dates of residency:
 Jul 2 - Aug 31
Born: 1978
Lives and works: Berlin, Germany
2015 to 2016 advanced training, further education (part-time)Field of Next Media,
HAW Hamburg (focused on current developments through new technologies and new
communication forms)

From 2001 to 2008 studied Film and Timebased Media at the Academy of Fine Arts, Hamburg

2006 Student Exchange at Bezalel Academy of Fine Arts Jerusalem (with visits in Palestine and Jordan for my project realized there)

2004 Student Exchange at Ecole des Beaus Arts, Marseille, France