Founded in 2015, the Beirut Art Residency is a non-profit association that is committed to creating opportunities for international and local artists through residencies, local exhibitions and public interventions. By collaborating with likeminded cultural institutions, we continue to pursue the stimulation of the country's intellectual and cultural stance. 

The residency program is dedicated to providing emerging and established international artists with the time and space to create new work. We focus on the professional growth of artists from all disciplines, by encouraging them to venture beyond their usual practice whilst laying the groundwork for their future projects. The outcome of the residency is a cross-cultural exchange, on the one hand bridging the local residents of Beirut to a much wider, international discourse surrounding contemporary art, and on the other leaving a lasting impression on residents which will continue to inspire their practice indefinitely.

Through our exhibition program we aspire to enhance the approachability of contemporary art to build an appreciation for it’s role in society. The work we present is often mind-provoking, allowing artists to delve into more experimental projects without undergoing the same restrictions that commercial entities often invoke. Ultimately, the Beirut Art Residency’s activities strive to provide insight on the culturally rich Lebanese climate whilst creating a global network of inspired and talented minds.





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