As you were is a series of photos that examines the sense of displacement the artist felt upon visiting her father’s homeland for the first time. Although taken in Beirut and Beqqa Valley, the themes it addresses can apply to many disaporic communities: the divide between a longing for concrete identity to one’s homeland, yet a feeling of displacement in it. Set in Beruit and Beqqa Valley, antiquity/ruins are contrasted with youthful culture. Prewar/postwar. Rebirth, etc.

Sumiah Salloum is a photographer from the United States. Most of her work has been about her family and their identity. Some of the topic she has been focusing on is her father's muslim faith and Lebanese descent, her mother as a single parent, her brothers transition from female to male, and her cousin and aunt emigrating to America from Lebanon. By photographing these transitory periods and complex topics makes Sumiah’s work inherently political in which she tries to deftly approach.



Sumiah Salloum
Dates of residency: May - July
Born: 1992
Hometown: Western Massachusetts
Lives and works: Western Massachusetts and Boston, MA
Education: BFA in photography with departmental honors, 2015, Massachusetts College of Art and Design
Selected shows:
2017 Stare, Boston City Hall, Boston
2016 Femme Fotale Volume III Launch Show,  Art Intersection, Gilbert, Arizona
2015 Inter/face, Gallery South, Boston
2014 Growing Angry Slowly, Aviary Gallery, Jamaica Plain