Sara is recognized for depicting the physical form at a cellular level through sculptural photography. Her fascination with the body stems from its eternal mystery to us, as we can never see exactly how our bodies function below the surface. Our incurable ‘blindness’ is translated through her images as she goes down to a scale that “reaches a space of ambiguity, so the viewer enters a kind of displacement”. At BAR she drapes images onto wooden plinths, which are the same dimensions as her limbs, standing next to protruding photographs. She oscillates between the micro and the macro, engaging the viewer with a multifaceted interpretation of the human body through distance and examination.

She also projects a filmed conversation between her and her family, with her mother acting as a translator between Sara and her Grandmother. The video portrays the diasporic effect on her family and the communication barrier caused between her and her Syrian grandmother.

Sara Naim’s practice explores the physical forms to things that are unknown. There is an intentionality in the produced work but the results aren’t always immediately understood. This recognition of intent but inability to decipher meaning stems from her interest in the body and it's language, and the way it delivers this meaning, or not.


Sara Naim
Dates of residency: September - November 2015
Born: 1987
Nationality: Syrian
Lives and Works: Between Paris and London
Education: MFA Fine Art Media The Slade School of Fine Art (2014), BA (Hons) Photography London College of Communication (2010), Design Art Foundation Chelsea College of Art and (2007).
Gallery: The Third Line, Dubai, UAE
Selected shows:
2018 Reaction, Parafin Gallery, London
2016 When Heartstrings CollapseThe Third Line, Dubai
2015 Heartstrings, Hayward Concrete, London
2012 Arles Photography Open Salon, Galerie Huit, Arles