The residency stretches over 270 sqm of an art deco style building from the 50s. The terrace wrapping the north end of the residence provides artists with a scenic view of Beirut's port and also invites natural light to illuminate the studio space. The space includes 3 large bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a full kitchen and dining area. Residents may work in the high ceilinged open-plan studio or a private working area overlooking the courtyard. Upon admission artists can choose between a private or shared bedroom. WIFI is available throughout the space.



Applications are open year round to artists of all disciplines (visual arts, design, sculpture, installation, performative arts, film).
An admissions committee will review applications and select candidates. Decisions are based on the quality of the project plan and the proposal's suitability. Final acceptance is at the discretion of the committee.

DATES 2016

September 5 - October 30
November 7 - December 20


The fee for an individual residential work term (2 months) is:
Private Bedroom: USD 2,000
Shared Bedroom: USD 1,400

The fee covers provision of: 
- 24 hour access to workshop studios and utilities
- Promotion and set-up of Open Studios
- A virtual gallery on our website to promote the residential term project
- A trip outside Beirut
- Constant support from the project logistics team
- Cleaning services twice weekly
- Bed linens and towels


For the duration of the residential work period, it is highly recommended that the artist be insured for medical and personal liability and damages (third party insurance).
We can only offer short-term storage accommodation after the work period has concluded.