Omar Khouri


The glass represented for Omar Khouri the barriers that the current system of consumption of art places between the art works and their potential viewer, alienating and turning away a large number of them, and imposing a specific sterilized mode of consumption upon the rest. By removing the glass, Khouri was questioning, and in a way attempting to reject, these restrictions that are prevalent in the art world today that minimize the profundity and transcendence of experiencing Art.

Omar Khouri was born in London in 1978, but spent his childhood in Lebanon. In 2002, he graduated from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston with a BFA in illustration. After spending a year in Los Angeles working in cinema and television, he returned to Beirut. In 2006, Omar founded Samandal Comics Magazine, the first experimental comics periodical in the Arab world. In 2010, his socio-political comic strip Utopia won Best Arabic Comic at the Algerian International Comics Festival (FIBDA). Omar’s work spans many art forms including painting, comics, music, film, theater and animation. He lives and works between Beirut and London.

Footage spanning the two month installation.