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In a segregated village divorced from time through the long deadly snowbound months, villagers live with a congenital insensitivity to physical and emotional pain, only the elders of the village know the secret behind their deviant trait and the reasons behind it remains unspoken. Yam a young girl who is thick skinned like the others along her father Abra and grandfather Asfour have to fulfill the seven suns ritual of collecting the traces of her dead mother Ward and burn it all besides the dead body on the seventh day. But Yam has another secret plan of hiding the wooden doll left by her mother and told to be the only way to connect to the snow boy who will help her to find her unpresent voice. A stranger merchant visits the village and plays Yam a familiar tone on the flute which will rise the feelings stored under her skin and put the whole village in jeopardy.


Nadine Salib
Dates of residency:
 Sept 5 - Oct 31
Born: 1984
Lives and works: Egypt
Cinema studies at IAEMS, Bachelor degree in film directing, 2006