Mome*#1 would continue my last practice based on Alice in Wonderland. She (me) experiences the new world as enters the hole. An empty space, an irrational and nonsense world that starts the game. The game as a trip, the body as a cast of it. The journey that would destabilize the identity that escapes from the repressive code of the subject. The point is the influence of the new space on identity and especially body as its main part. Can everything be embodied in the bodies? Is it just floating on the surface or even diving into depth?
During staying in Headlands residency in exploring the wonderland, I have found lots of holes and cracks on the walls, which have remained from cold war in a building used to be used by US army. The walls and cracks were documented by rubbing the color powder onto the paper, they have turned to the six sheets of paper with obscure boundaries in color and texture of skin. I will continue this experience to document a city. The city as a wonderland. Beirut would be an appropriate city to explore its connections to the bodies. The city that is bearing scars of fighting in Lebanon during different wars. How the city carries its hidden history? How it forms the bodies? The city has been shaped based on bodies, how it controls bodies and creates fantasies afterward?

mona 2.jpg

Mona Aghababaee
Dates of residency: January - February 2019
Born: 1982
Hometown: Esfahan
Lives and works: Iran
BA in applied art, Art University of Tehran
MA in applied art, Art University of Tehran

Mona’s residency is supported by the Roberto Cimetta Fund