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At BAR Mohamed worked on his first feature film circling the relation of homosexuality in the conservative Egyptian community. During his time he developed his characters in more detail and met with mentor Ghassan Salhab to go over the storyline in order for him to work on the script.

Still from 'Little Eagles', 2016

Still from 'Little Eagles', 2016

Mohamed Rashad
Dates of residency:
 Sept 4 - Oct 30
Born: 1980
Lives and works: Alexandria, Egypt

Mohamed Rashad is a director and cofounder at Hassala Films, he was born in Egypt and  studied cinema at a workshop organized by the Jesuit Cultural Center and  SIMAT Foundation. He worked as an assistant director on many independent films. Wrote and directed two short films, “From Afar “and” Maxim”.

In 2016 he finished his first feature documentary “Little Eagles “as a director, and for the first time to work as a as a producer, his feature documentary “The craft”, directed by Ramez Youssef is in its post production stage.

Now he is working on the development of his first feature fiction.