The centerpiece of Gianna’s collection is a painting entitled, Feast III. The feast is a theme that has informed the artist’s work over the past three years, manifesting in various iterations and with a diversity of implications. While her previous paintings of the genre more signaled the insatiable, Feast III comments on a broader spectrum of hierarchies and norms, including the social and national expectations of an individual or group of individuals. The additional drawings and mono-prints on display invite the viewer into the artist’s process of drawing first from life, and then permitting a natural shift into abstraction. 

Gianna Dispenza (b. 1990) graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute with a BFA in sculpture. Dispenza is an American figurative painter and sculptor based in Beirut, Lebanon. Her fine art studies began in Florence, Italy at SACI and she continued her higher education in liberal arts at Colorado College. Gianna completed university with a BFA in Sculpture from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2014. Her work has been exhibited in Italy, America, and Lebanon, where she recently had her first solo sculpture exhibition in Beirut.



Gianna Dispenza
Dates of residency:
 September-October 2017
Born: 1990
Hometown: Rainier, WA
Lives and works: Beirut, Lebanon
URL: giannadispenza.comgiannadispenza.tumblr.co
Education: BFA Sculpture, San Francisco Art Institute, Colorado College, SACI Studio Art Center International
Selected Shows:
2016 7 Rooms 7 Artists, Art House Beirut, Beirut
2016 Haven Fundraiser, The Station, Beirut
2016 Contour, The Artwork Shop, Beirut
2015 The Merriment of Debris, The Station, Beirut
2014 Apokalupto, Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco