The blue eye symbolizes both the superstitious beliefs of the region as well as the eye of surveillance, censorship, and voyeurism. It is the eye that sees and the eye that is seen by the actual passersby of Pasteur Street who will find a reflection of themselves in it. On the ground, a black and white checkerboard continues the existing pattern of La Vitrine’s entrance.
The eye is thus implanted in an even more intimate space where Engram expands on what already exists. This allows the collective to simultaneously exploit the pre-existing while bringing a novelty to the space: the eye itself. Histoires de l'Oeil is an allusion to the title of Georges Bataille's novel, expanding it and its notion of voyeurism to a wider range of stories captured by that of the various passersby.

Engram is a duo of photographers and visual artists founded in Lebanon in 2003 by Joanna Andraos and Caroline Tabet. The collective seeks to produce photographic series as well as installations combining photo (film and digital) and video. Their work around the process of memory and disappearance is recurrent in their projects and are inspired from real or fictional facts that transcribe in image a concept or narrative close to that of a cinemaEc sequencing. This approach is o]en complemented by the sound component in order to achieve a singular audio vision experience.