"I believe in an invisible world" is a rough story, but I believe that art is still given the power to capture the part between physics and spiritualism. The idea is that even in modern times when various media emerge, I think that the way I expresses can also be the reason why can not escape from the primitive physicality.

I presently present mainly collage works. My works are formed by cutting the image printed on paper into strips of Vertical and Horizontal with a cutter and inserting them one by one like a textile tissue by hand without using glue. 

The fabric is formed as a strong cloth by intersection of two elements "warp" and "weft".The technique, materials and designs were taken over throughout the world, taking in ethnic climate. The techniques, materials and designs have taken over ethnic climate and inherited over the world, and have been close to the life of mankind from the old days of the Old Stone Age. However, despite the fact that materials such as chemical fiber have advanced in the long history, its weaving and technology has not evolved much. Many applications touch the human body, so do not proceed daringly and may have to be universal. Or, sometimes I think that it is a finished technology given by being beyond humanity, as if speaking about occult.
Interestingly, its characteristics are not limited only to substances, there are quotations that also affect philosophy. In spiritualism, we replace two elements "time" and "space" as "warp" and "weft", and sometimes it is a textile weaving the world's origins. And sometimes we admire that every relationship between people and events is inevitable.

The existence that creates more intertwined by the hands of thinner threads is not just a substance, I swallow thought and passion, I feel the power to stay foreve.

cobird 2.jpg

Dates of residency: January - February 2019
Born: 1977
Hometown: Kanagawa
Lives and works: Japan
Bachelor of Design, Tamagawa University, Tokyo