In Lebanon, Asiya felt inspired by her surroundings and determined to work on several projects. When she encountered women in the Bekaa valley that refused to be photographed, Asiya moved the lens of her camera to capture their feet instead. Also during her time at the residency, she organized a workshop with Syrian children in a refugee camp in Tripoli documenting their dreams and aspirations.

Asiya Alsharabi is a Yemeni artist. She started as a journalist, photographer then shifted to the art scene detailed and descriptive. As a middle Eastern female artist, she faced many challenges during her career as a photographer, but she has also turned her lens to art photography in an effort to capture the energy and personality of Arab women who are, through cultural strictures, not allowed to be photographed.

She uses a self developed technique that expresses and focuses not only on aesthetics, but also on the underlying struggles of women surrounded the world.


Asiya Al Sharabi
Dates of residency:
May - July 2016
Born: 1972
Hometown: Sanaa
Lives and works: Virginia, United States
Education: Bachelor of art at University of Sana'a Yemen
Selected shows:
2017 Queen Of Sheba, Art Works Gallery, Richmond
2017 Trumperie, Jane Sandelin Gallery, Richmond
2017 aSIYAThe Immigrant & "The Butterfly" Rennolds Art Gallery, Richmond
017, Before We Were BannedArtHelix Gallery, Brooklyn