Anissa Touati is a French independent curator & Chalet Society’s co-director. From 2012 until now, she developed as a free-lance curator a series of exhibitions including video programs, installations, such as: “Lost and Found” and “Mideast evening” a group exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris; “Under the Volcano”, a group exhibition in Nara, Japan; “Babylon, Baby”, a video exhibition during the Berlin Art Week in Germany and Vienna; « Stalactica » a group show in Brussels supported by six major Belgium collections; « Form Scratch » at the occasion of Art Basel, Switzerland; « Triangle Walks » at the occasion of Art Basel Miami; “We are now beginning our descent” at Art Athina, a video program.




C: Please introduce yourself (background and artistic discipline)
G: I am a Mexican artist who studied architecture but I am dedicated to the production of contemporary art for 12 years, at this time my work is developed more as sculpture, in which I use found objects and mix them with objects that I produce, use materials such as ceramics, neon, brass, clay and wood.
C: How do you find Beirut as a living and working space?
G: I like the idea of orking in places I had never been before, it's good to leave your comfort zone and try to create new pieces from scratch, in the specific case of Beirut I liked the kind of materials I can find in markets and bazaars.
C: What projects did you work on while here?
G: I am developing an on-site intervention for the pyramid of the Niemeyer international fair in Tripoli, which will be presented in September 2018.
C: Why do you do residencies?
G: To complement the development of my career from the exploration of new specific contexts.
C: What will you take back with you from this residency?
G: The possibility of knowing a country like Lebanon is the best thing about this residence and to be able to get involved in the development of its culture.

Gabriel Rico
Dates of residency: November - December 2017
Born: 1980
Hometown: Lagos de Moreno
Lives and works: Guadalajara
Education: BA in Architectur, ITESO (Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Occidente), Guadalajara, Mexico, 2004
Gallery: Perrotin
Recent shows:
2017 One Law for the Lion & Ox is Opression, Perrotin, New York
2017 PROXIMIDAD (Gabriel Rico and Jeffrey Gibbons), The Power Station, Dallas, TX
2017 DEAD DEAD LIVE DEAD, curated by Julio Morales, ASU Art Museum, Phoenix, Arizona
2016 VIS VIVA, Gyeonggi Creation Center, Ansan-do, South Korea