For her current project Naomi met with a lebanese female taxi driver and wrote a poem/ballad based on the interview. The words discuss the dangers, mundanities and gender politics that come with the job. The poem plays over an experimental video which uses props and performance to blend this woman's strength with society's preference that she stay safely at home, rather than working in a predominantly male field.


Naomi Moser

Dates of residency: Apr 4 - May 15, 2016
Born: 1987
Lives and works: New York, USA
Education: BA Media Studies/ Film at Scripps College
Statement: Naomi Moser is an experimental video artist based in Brooklyn.  She uses video, poetry, performance and mixed-media sculpture to convey her ideas. Moser experiments with different narrative structures, from cinematic, linear narrative, to looser montage using found footage, to the juxtaposition of GIFs placed next to each other.  Another form of narrative is songwriting as story telling. In one work, her mother sings The Knoxville Girl, re-enacting the matrilineal tradition of warning women about men through song.  The allegories of traditional ballads teach women to be fearful or hopeless. Moser seeks to flip these morals on their heads by telling new stories with new lessons. She make her own props using pop, antique and hand sculpted items to blend the past and present.  All her projects share the goal of contextualizing, and thus strengthening, one half of the world’s population in a long line of powerful, smart and rebellious women. 

Bio: Naomi Moser (b.1990, USA) is a video artist and writer based in Brooklyn. Her films include: The Roughest Toughest Frail (2015) screened at Blackbird Film Festival; Run Darlin Run (2015) screened at New York Eurasian Film Festival; On the Line Film Festival; Broken Knuckle Film Festival.