Ivana’s project, “Like there is no tomorrow” expresses her personal reaction to the layers of historical and social changes Beirut has experienced. She translates her experience through a site-specific installation combining local carpets with old neon city signs. 


Ivana Ivkovic

Dates of residency: Nov 1- Dec 15, 2015
Born: 1979
Lives and works: Belgrade, Serbia
URL:  http://www.ivanaivkovic.com/  
Education:  2009 MFA Drawing at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, University of Arts in Belgrade, 2005 BFA Painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, University of Arts in Belgrade
Evolving between personal history and transitory memories, the artistic practice of Ivana Ivković encompasses a wide range of media through which she creates site-specific interventions and distinctively remarkable environments in exhibition space. Captivatingly frank and yet often intensely private and self-reflexive, her work is primarily based in the medium of drawing that she uses in a delicate and highly intuitive manner, overcoming the constrains of traditional objective representation in this discipline. Very intimate everyday reactions, sensations and observations towards specific cultural and historical landscapes and places appear as the starting point in Ivana’s direct, sometimes even painfully honest artistic endeavor. As a result, expressive, tender, and thought-provoking drawings appear, often combining images and textual statements, which are furthermore being transformed through other media - such as light installations, photography, tapestry or sculpture. Full of longing and very intimate in its exposure, the confrontational, playful, and occasionally ironic witty ambiences possess a subtle impact to displace the viewer into an ephemeral, yet powerful domain in which quiet recollections and familiar experiences are being provoked and intensified. (Excerpt from the catalogue text by Ana Bogdanovic)

Ivana Ivković (born 1979 in Belgrade / Serbia) holds a M.A. degree in Drawing from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade. Since 2002 she has exhibited in several very successful solo shows in Montreal, Belgrade, New York City, Duseldorf, Vienna, La Coruña, Bodrum, Basel, Calcutta and Copenhagen, as well as many group shows internationally. She is a two-time finalist of the prestigious Politika prize for the best exhibition, and the holder of KulturKontakt Vienna, Austria, Artist in Residence scholarship for 2008, Residency Unlimited New York, USA, Artist in Residence scholarship for 2012,Casa dell Arte, Bodrum, Turkey, Artist in Residence scholarship for 2013, Les Gens Heureux,  Artist in Residence program, Copenhagen, Denmark for 2013 and scholarship of the City of Linz for 2014, Austria. Her works are part of  Telenor Collection of Serbian Contemporary Art, Collection of the Museum of Belgrade city and of several important private collections in New York and Basel.