Comprised of photographs and a collection of micro videos, UK artist Isaac Blease surveys the contemporary use of CHARMLAND, an abandoned country club in Awkar. Since its closure in 2006 following the conflict with Israel, it has found itself inhabited by migrant workers, refugees, skateboarders and a garbage municipality, subsequently becoming a microcosm for many of Lebanon’s contemporary issues. Instead of focusing simply on these problems that have made ‘Charmland’ what it is today, Blease’s work shows an alternative and diverse space, with multiple uses and users, forming an undercurrent of coexistence in 2016.


Artist name: Isaac Blease
Dates of residency: May-July
Born: 1992
Hometown: Truro, United Kingdom
Lives and works: Falmouth, United Kingdom
Education: 2012-2015 - BA HONS, Documentary Photography, University South Wales, Newport

Isaac Blease, 1992, is a British photographer based in Falmouth, United Kingdom. His work investigates preconceived versions of truth and the social and historical complexities simmering behind its apparent solidity. This has led him to photograph Hip-Hop rappers living in rural Cornwall and most recently the Butterfly collection left to him by his late Grandfather.

He has been involved in various group exhibitions in places such as, Bristol, Gdansk and Ploeisti. In 2013 he was selected by Newlyn art gallery to take part in an exhibition ‘Drawing a presence’, which showcased young artists making work in and around Cornwall. In 2015 he graduated from the esteemed Documentary photograph course at the University of South Wales, Newport. His project ‘Charaxes Imperialis’ was selected by Emma Bowkett, for Source magazine, as one of her favourite graduate works of the year and it was subsequently published in a supplement featured in Source photographic review. He was recently nominated for the Magnum Photo's & Photo London's Graduate photographer award.