Born in 1985 in Napoli, Pace is an Italian designer currently based in the Netherlands. In 2010 he moved out from Napoli to pursue his education in Milan, Berlin and Eindhoven. His work has been presented in several reputable exhibitions and museums such as the Triennale di Milano, Museum of modern art Donna Regina (M.A.D.RE) and Bröhan Museum in Berlin. Pace has recently completed his masters in Contextual Design at DAE. In 2016 he founded his own interdisciplinary studio called Tellurico that is based on the crossroads between Eindhoven and Naples

Francesco Pace
Dates of residency:
 Mar 31 - May26
Born: 1985
Lives and works: Eindhoven, Netherlands
2014| 2016 - Design Academy Eindhoven - Master Degree in Contextual Design
2012| 2014 - Politecnico di Milano - Master Degree in Product Design for Innovation - CUM LAUDE
Feb-Oct 2013 - UDK, Universität der Kuntzé, Berlin - Product design
2007| 2010 - S.U.N. Facoltà di Architettura Luigi Vanvitelli, Product Design Département - Napoli
Statement: The relationship between craft and the environments we inhabit has always been at the base of Pace’s practice as a designer. When faced with the many levels of a complex and ancient city like Beirut, Pace set out to create a collection of objects by collaborating with local craftsmen and the spirit of the city. Combining this with a visual investigation of the details of Beirut; it's buildings, open-spaces, ornaments and shapes, he used design as a tool for interpreting an unknown culture.