Evelyn extended her research-based practice, which predominantly involves collaborating with other artists, by creating a soundscape and a photographic series that reflect a socio-cultural dialogue with her immediate surroundings. A soundscape re-enacts the closed communities living side by side, making up segregated atmosphere that is Beirut. The series of photographs juxtapose the sense of destruction permeating the city, with the beauty advertisements imposing a continuous correction of outward appearances.


Evelyn Simons

Dates of residency: Jan 4 - Feb 15, 2016
Born: 1989
Lives and works: Brussels, Belgium
Postgraduate on Curating at the School of Arts Ghent MA in Art History at the University of Gent
Evelyn Simons (b. 1989) is a curator and writer based in Brussels. After obtaining a MA in Art History at the University of Ghent, she worked both inside and outside the arts field for several years. Writing on contemporary art was a constant in her activities, whether exhibition reviews for online art magazine This is Tomorrow, or philosophical elaborations on the practices of young artists. 

In 2014, she enrolled in a Postgraduate on Curating at the School of Arts Ghent where the foundations were outlined for the research collective No Perfomance Please., engaging through projects in a self-reflexive practice on curatorial responsibilities. Over the summer she worked with Dubai-based Gallery Isabelle van den Eynde for a project in Brussels with French-Algerian artist Abdelkader Benchamma. Currently she is preparing an exhibition confronting the refugee crisis in collaboration with Fondazione Prada and Qatar Museums Authority, as a result of the Curate Award competition. 

As a curator she is predominantly occupied with recontextualising artistic practices, either by connecting artists with other artists, with thought-provoking locations or philosophical debates.